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50% of people who have heart attacks have “normal” cholesterol.

Note: As a reminder, we do see adolescents. Some openings still remain in our popular Teen Program! Preparticipation physical needed? Make an appointment for your child today!

Lipid Specialists, S.C. is a "cash or charge" practice in which the patient is not controlled by insurance companies. Without the red tape, saving your life can be the primary focus. This is a practice where your concerns are heard and the concerns you should have are addressed. In an era when the health care system is failing to provide personalized prevention and management of diabetes and cardiovascular disease, it is time to take back control of your life, and Mary Eldridge, M.D., wants to help you. She will provide you with access to the recommended testing and treatments that you need and deserve. Her practice philosophy is modeled on that of Drs. William R. Davis, Thomas Dayspring, and Richard Bernstein.


  • Cardiovascular risk assessment (NMR LipoProfile, Lp(a), ApoE, sterol/stanol labs, and other advanced lipid testing)
  • Prevention and reversal of cardiovascular disease
  • Management of coronary calcium score testing
  • Analysis of OmegaQuant results
  • Advanced lipoprotein testing (including LDL-P or apoB analysis)
  • Individualized management of dyslipidemia
  • Early diagnosis of metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance
  • Diabetes and prediabetes prevention and management
  • Management of high blood pressure
  • Treatment of subclinical hypothyroidism
  • Evidence-based integrative medicine
  • Personalized smoking cessation therapy
  • Weight and nutrition management
  • Assessment of your child's risk for heart disease or diabetes
  • Analysis of current nutritional status
  • Lp(a) management
  • Genomics
  • Young adult assessment and treatment program
  • $50 per child sports, camp, or school physicals performed by a M.D.
  • Best Life Wisconsin membership included

Although Dr. Eldridge is a general practitioner who specializes in lipidology, she does not manage patients' primary care needs. Consider yourself to be a star football player and your primary care provider to be your head coach. If you are dealing with obesity, high blood pressure, prediabetes or diabetes, cholesterol problems, or other issues discussed on the services page, you should consider yourself to be playing defense. If your game needs some help, and you are ready for a tough but compassionate coach, Dr. Eldridge is the right defensive coordinator for you. Even though your coaches can assess your strengths, weaknesses, develop a general defensive game plan, and empower you through education and training, you are responsible for the decisions you make and the resulting consequences. Ultimately, your head coach and defense coordinator work with you to win against the nation's number one opponent: heart disease.

Appointments are scheduled in half-hour increments, with one hour (two half-hour segments) costing $100. The price varies depending on how long each appointments will require. Payments for your appointment must be made when you arrive at the office in the form of cash, debit or credit card. Patients are given a receipt. The receipt cannot be submitted to an insurance company but you may be eligible for reimbursement upon submission of the receipt by your flexible spending account (FSA).

Dr. Eldridge is currently accepting new patients. Appointments are available with a day's notice for a patient to prepare their medications, supplements, questions, and lab reports as described in the section "appointments."

Please note, adolescents are accepted as patients of this practice. For more information, please see the link under "Your Health." In addition, camp, school and sports physicials are one time fee per physical of $50 and neither you nor your child need to be members of the lipidology-focused portion of the practice in order for you to make an appointment. This physicial will be performed by Dr. Eldridge and is an excellent option if you need paperwork for your child's program ASAP. After July 16, 2014, there are appointment times available for these appointments between our cardiovascular exams every day that the practice is open. Again, no insurance is accepted and payment is due up front but you will be given a receipt for submission and possible reimbursement to your FSA.

Contact information for Lipid Specialists, S.C. is as follows:

Mary Eldridge, M.D.
1400 75th Street
Kenosha, WI 53143
(262) 656-1911

You Deserve the Best

To schedule your appointment, please contact Lipid Specialists, S.C. by phone at (262) 656-1911. Please state your full name (with spelling), date of birth, preferred telephone number, e-mail address, and best time to reach you. We look forward to returning your message and scheduling your appointment. Vendors or solicitors must have an appointment. Dr. Eldridge is unable to e-mail you in return due to e-mail security but will call you. In addition, one day prior to appointments, Dr. Eldridge's assistant will contact you to remind you about your appointment and to bring you medications.

All patients of Lipid Specialists, S.C. will be evaluated and directly cared for by a Medical Doctor (M.D.) at every visit. No physician's assistants or nurse practioners are employed by this medical practice; usually Dr. Eldridge will return phone calls when she has office hours.

Self-referrals are welcome.

The information on this site is meant only for patients of Lipid Specialists, S.C. and is only to be used as a adjunct to personalized, prescribed therapies under the close monitoring of a Lipid Specialists, S.C. physician. The information contained herein should NOT be used as a substitute for the advice of an appropriately qualified and licensed physician or other health care provider. The information provided here is for educational and informational purposes only. In no way should it be considered as offering medical advice. Please see a physician if you suspect you are ill.
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