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An Ideal Medical Micropractice

Our practice design combines Dr. Gordon Moore's concept of an "ideal practice" with Dr. Brian R. Forrest's "cash, check, or charge" practice. Our low overhead, low volume practice bases patient care on four pillars: patient access, personal interaction, high reliability, and vitality. What does this mean for you? It means that you will have enough time to speak without interruption, share in decision-making, and work with an M.D. who is sensitive to your own circumstances,looks forward to hearing your stories, and will take the time to really help you. When you choose to become a patient of Lipid Specialists, S.C., you will get what you more than what you pay for: high-quality health care that addresses you as a unique individual who deserves a doctor to listen to and help you.

Mary Eldridge, M.D.


The Mount Sinai Medical Center
  • New York, New York

M.D., Medical College of Wisconsin

B.S., University of Notre Dame


Peer Reviewed Journal Publications/Original Papers:

Books, Chapters & Reviews:

  • Eldridge MP. "Teardrop Fractures." In: Shah K, Egan D, Quaas J (Eds); Essential Emergency Trauma. Philadelphia: Lippincott, Williams, Wilkens (2010).

"No person was every rightly understood until they had been first regarded with a certain feeling, not of tolerance, but of sympathy." ~ Thomas Carlyle
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