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Ketogenic & Low-Carbohydrate

& Intermittant Fasting lifestyles

Many people are finding success in improving insulin sensitivity and decreasing abdominal fat, weight, and inflammatory markers by using a ketogenic or low-carbohydrate ("low-carb") diet. Other people would like to try a ketogenic or low-carb diet, but they do not know where to begin or they want to do so under the guidance of a medical doctor.

Lipid Specialists, SC

Up to one in three people on ketogenic or low-carb diets can develop very high apoB-containing lipoprotein particles, and these abnormal lipid levels can go undiagnosed without evaluation by a physician. Consistent evidence from numerous and multiple different types of clinical and genetic studies unequivocally establishes that low density lipoprotein is a causal factor in the complex pathophysiology of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (heart attacks and strokes).

A Diplomate of the American Board of Clinical Lipidology, Mary Eldridge, M.D., is a certified lipidologist. As a lipidologist, she helps her patients optimize their lifestyles to decrease atherogenic, or plaque-promoting, cholesterol. Dr. Eldridge has years of using ketogenic/LCHF diets and intermittant fasting to treat patients. Additionally, her years of experience with living the very lifestyle that she recommends to her patients gives her unique perspective.

At Lipid Specialists, SC, a cash-only medical practice, Dr. Eldridge provides old-fashioned patient care with cutting-edge science using a three-step, comprehensive approach to your health.

  1. Call (262) 656-1911 to schedule your new patient consultation.
  2. During your consultation, Dr. Eldridge will review your records. She will learn about your medical, social, nutritional, and family medical history, and she will conduct a thorough physical examination. She will recommend and order laboratory tests and imaging studies.
  3. At your follow-up appointment, Dr. Eldridge will evaluate your test results. She will make an evidence-based, integrative plan to help you extend your lifespan & healthspan by addressing your levels of cholesterol, triglycerides, inflammation, insulin resistance, & endothelial dysfunction.

Call (262) 656-1911 now to schedule your appointment. By disregarding abnormal apoB, LDL-C, or LDL-P, you are betting against yourself. If you lose that bet, it could cost you everything. As a patient of Dr. Eldridge, you will have a confident, knowledgeable medical doctor working to increase your lifespan and your health-span.

All appointments are $150 per hour. New patient appointments require a minimum of three (3) hours. Please note that Dr. Eldridge chooses not to accept patients who have state insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid because doing otherwise would put limitations on her ability to have a cash-only practice. While checks are preferred, multiple forms of payment are accepted, including cash, debit card, and credit card.

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