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Educational Sessions

Free presentations, workshops, and seminars for community groups, businesses, schools, professional groups, and meetings can be arranged with 24 hours notice on the topics below. If you would like your group to learn more about a topic that is not listed below, please contact Dr. Eldridge at (262) 656-1911, and she will work with you.

Dr. Eldridge earned a post-baccalaureate teaching certification at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee in Biology, Chemistry, and Broad Field Science. She has two years of experience as a high school science teacher. The Wisconsin Society of Science Teachers (WSST) awarded her the 2018 Frank Zuerner New Science Teacher Scholarship, an award given to an outstanding science educator who is in his or her first three years of teaching. Dr. Eldridge uses her experience as a teacher to help community members and patients understand medical conditions and evidence-based options for treatment.


    Making a change in 2019

    • Lose weight, feel great: Strategies and techniques for success
    • Be yourself through SELF (Stress management, Eating right, Lifestyle choices, and Fitness)
    • Why 2019 is the year take back your health, and how you can start today
    • Walk with a Doc

    Heart disease:
    • Women's Heart Health: An Integrative Medical Doctor's Tips for Extending your Lifespan & Healthspan
    • What is a lipidologist and why would you need one?
    • What is the link between heart disease, strokes, and diabetes?
    • What do all these cholesterol numbers mean? Understanding LDL-C, LDL-P, HDL-C, and triglycerides
    • Why Lp(a) is the secret risk factor for early heart attacks, strokes, and aortic stenosis
    • Silent killers in our midst: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and prediabetes
    • Live long and live well: how to increase your lifespan and healthspan
    • What are the options when you have a family history of cardiovascular disease?
    • Why skinny, fit people are still at risk for heart disease and strokes

    Integrative medicine
    • What are evidence-based integrative options for lowering your risk of heart disease?
    • What are evidence-based integrative options for lowering your risk of diabetes?
    • What are evidence-based integrative options for managing your cholesterol?
    • What are evidence-based integrative options for managing your blood pressure?
    • Why supplements can be unsafe

    Statin-Associated Side Effects
    • Statins and your brain: what do we know?
    • Statins and your muscles: what do we know?
    • Statin intolerance: what options do you have?

    Metabolic Syndrome
    • Are you one of the one in three Americans who have Metabolic Syndrome?
    • Sick and tired of being sick and tired: metabolic syndrome and thyroid disease
    • Sleep apnea: what is it and who is at risk?

    • Why obesity isn't your fault, and how you can take control
    • What is the link between obesity, heart disease, and strokes?
    • What is intermittent fasting, and how can it be done safely to lose weight?

    Stress Management
    • Raising resilient kids: how can we help children cope with stress
    • The medical benefits of mindfulness
    • Lower stress, lower risk: how relaxation can help your heart
    • Non-pharmacologic ways to deal with stress

    Eating right
    • The science behind ketogenic and low carb diets
    • What is the whole truth about whole grains?
    • Good fat, bad fat: what is the difference?
    • Wheat and/or meat: what are we supposed to eat?
    • Weight management and diet: what does the evidence say?
    • What are the pitfalls of a gluten-free diet, and how do you avoid them?

    Lifestyle choices
    • Smoking: how to quit for good
    • Using genetic testing to understand your health
    • Sleep hygiene: clean up your sleep routine and get a good night's sleep
    • How much is too much alcohol?
    • How to develop and achieve goals for breaking bad habits

    • How much and how often do I need to exercise to lose weight?
    • How can I lower my risk of heart disease with an exercise plan?
    • Myths and misconceptions about exercise
    • Weight management and working out: what does the evidence say?
    • Fitness: What NOT to do

    "Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at 20 or 80. Anyone who keeps learning stays young." ~ Henry Ford
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